Our Story

Our story starts when we wanted to have more than just a meaning that no one can relate to. We wanted to discover how our ideas connected to other people’s ideas, so we started Rebo, with the idea being that each one of us can have their own meaning to what Rebo is. How is something like this possible, well think about it this way, take the word “Rebo” as an abbreviation and each one of those letters have a word that you come up with and you can relate to. Now what is Rebo? Well according to Mark Kibirige one of the founders of Rebo, Rebo means Represent Educate Believe Open-Minded. Mark’s idea is that everyone has his or her own view or opinion on things they think is important to them. We represent a form of our way of doing things by expressing our ideas. The idea behind learning is that you get to teach what we have learned. Educating ourselves gives us knowledge of understanding the world around us, giving us a point of view on life, making it easier for us to have opinions. and learning to pass on the knowledge we have learned. As Rebo’s we should never stop learning and passing on the knowledge. Think about what life would be if you achieved your dreams, believe that you can do it regardless of what they say or where you are in life. Believing in the most important thing like yourself is to feel sure that you are capable of doing something. Mark thinks that if we don’t believe in ourselves, who is there to do it for us? Believing in things that matter the most, makes us stay true to our true self. If you have got this far reading then you are willing to consider new ideas. Open mindedness is a way of approaching views and knowledge of others. Always have an open mind that things are or might be different, then you will also understand the way others view things. Even if you do not understand how things come to be, having an open mindset makes your ideas and views of what something is or how it was developed. How? Learning something you knew that worked a certain way is us trying to develop our knowledge. Understand that everyone has his or her own mind. We can only learn to express our ideas staying true to ourselves with an open mind. So what is Rebo? To us REBO is Represent Educate Believe & Open-Minded. To you REBO is whatever words you thought R,E,B,O should be and you can relate to.  As Rebo’s we Inspire you to be the best you can be.